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Jeffrey Pachtman

My name is Jeff. I am an online health coach for the average person who is intimidated by all of the information out there. If you are interested in how to get started with online health coaching, reach out to me here. I am here to help you become the strongest version of yourself, no matter where you are currently at now, we all have to start somewhere!

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Volume Eating: How To Eat More And Weigh Less

Eating more and weighing less…sounds too good to be true right? Well, not necessarily. In this article, I am going to show you exactly how I’ve helped hundreds of everyday ordinary people like yourself, lose weight and improve their relationship with food. One of the most useful strategies I use...

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Work With Me

Do you feel stuck where you are at currently? Trying all kinds of different diets, weight loss supplements, eating superfoods, eating “clean”, fasting, and just not seeing the results that you want? I can relate. Coaches are a great way to set clear goals, have accountability, and crush any obstacles or self doubt in the way. Sound good? Coaching may be the right option for you!