The Ultimate Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Looking for the ultimate diet plan for weight loss? Look no further I am going to help you create the ultimate diet plan for fat loss in 5 EASY STEPS!

Disclaimer: You will still need to figure out your calorie deficit if you are looking to lose body fat. Use my calorie calculator for the best results with this plan.

Ultimate Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Step 1 – “How much protein do I need?

How to prep proteins on your Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Once you have your calories from my calorie calculator, you will want to figure out your macros.

Macro is a term that is short for macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats)

The King of Macros for fat loss is the notorious PROTEIN.

Let’s do some quick math to figure out how much protein you REALLY need.

Let’s start with 0.8g per pound of goal body weight.

In other words, let’s say, Justin, one of my online coaching clients, has about 25 pounds to lose.

He weighs 175 right now, and his goal body weight is 150.

We would take 150 (GBW) X 0.8 = 120g of protein

Now, let’s say Justin is used to eating more protein and feels more full on a higher protein diet. I would recommend we do more like 1g per pound of GBW, which would be around 150g of protein.


Now that we have that number, we can move on to step 2, which is choosing the right protein sources, and how to prepare them.

Ultimate Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Step 2 – Choosing the right protein sources

Food Choice List for The Ultimate 
Diet Plan for Weight Loss

As you can see above, I have laid out my favorite sources of proteins for me and my online coaching clients here.

You may notice something key here: We usually opt for lean protein sources.

The reason for this is simple. Because of lean meats, we eat fewer calories per gram of protein.

This means that we can eat much more food and enjoy feeling more full without going over our caloric budget, allowing us to still lose weight while not getting too hungry in the meantime.

Interestingly enough, you may find it hard to get liquid egg whites where you live, so if you like you can purchase some from Muscle Egg and they will deliver them straight to your door. (Not sponsored)

“Jeff, What is the easiest and best ways to prep proteins ahead of time?”

Glad you asked, my friend.

The ol’ trusty gas grill.

Make sure you marinate your meat to give it some different flavors! Want some low-fat marinade ideas?

You can check out the article that I wrote about Meal Prep for beginners.

This site also has a TON of really awesome low-calorie marinade ideas.

Now that you know how to prep your proteins, let’s move on to the next part of your diet plan for weight loss…

Ultimate Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Step 3- Vegetable Prep

We know we need vegetables on any healthy diet right? But why would they be a cornerstone of any meal prep for fat loss?

  • Vegetables are low calorie and High VOLUME. In other words, you will get a TON of food for very little calories.
  • Vegetables add flavor. They will make your boring chicken and rice flavorful, filling, and much more enjoyable.
  • Vegetables will keep you full and help you adhere to your calorie deficit.

What are some good vegetables for fat loss?

Vegetable choices on the ultimate Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Here are some good ones for starters, basically anything that is a non-starchy veggie is SOLID.

Broccoli is always a solid go-to because it keeps well in the fridge and in meal prep containers.

Another great one is asparagus.

HOWEVER…my absolute favorite is BRUSSEL SPROUTS.

The reason for this is they never get soggy if you cook them right, and you get a TON for very little calories.

When all else fails, go for a big ass salad with tons of veggies, protein, and greens.

So, we have talked about Protein and Vegetables, however, let’s talk about carbohydrate sources.

Ultimate Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Step 4- What kind of CARBS?

When my online coaching clients first start working with me, many of them are afraid of carbs.

Carbs are an absolutely essential part of any well-balanced fat loss program.

Think about it this way:

Some of the healthiest, longest-living cultures eat more than 80% carbohydrates.

So, let’s move past our fear of carbs making us fat, it’s just not true. In fact, the only way to gain body fat is to eat more calories than you need.

So…what kind of carb sources are going to be ideal for your Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

Carb choices on the ultimate Diet Plan for Weight Loss
CarbVegetable choices on the Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Short answer: whichever you prefer!

I personally enjoy rice and corn tortillas, but that’s just due to convenience. I also have been known to crack open cans of beans pretty often due to their convenience and nutrient density.

Ultimate Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Step 5- What about FATS?

Dietary Fat choices on your ultimate diet plan for weight loss meal plan

Dietary fats are extremely important for hormonal health as well as brain function, but they also play a big role in fat loss.

Fats are very satiating!

In other words, they keep you full longer.

When you include some healthy fats at every meal, you will feel less hungry throughout the day and have less brain fog.

Wanna know why keto works so well?

Not because it’s magic. It’s because all the fat that you are eating is leaving you VERY FULL, making a calorie deficit very easy and simple to follow.

If you ate 2 avocados, you probably wouldn’t be hungry for 4-6 hours, but if you ate the same amount of calories from bread or pasta, you would likely be hungry in only an hour or 2 later.

So, you can see why you should include some healthy fats at each meal.

Ultimate Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Wrapping it up

I think you are starting to see a pattern here: Food choices matter less when it comes to weight loss as much as total calories in vs. total calories out.

In order to lose body fat, you must first be in a calorie deficit.

Once you are in a calorie deficit, then you can start focusing on PROTEIN.

If your protein is adequate, (1g per pound of goal body weight), then you can focus on getting lots of veggies in, or at least one BIG ASS SALAD A DAY.

When you are getting plenty of veggies, then you want to focus on your carb sources.

Also, make sure you are getting some healthy fats in there as well for optimal hormonal health!

Ultimately, once you are adhering to your calorie deficit, getting enough protein, and moving your body, the fat loss will start to come pretty easy.

You may not see it on the scale, but you will notice changes from month to month in your progress photos, body measurements, and the way your clothes are fitting.

Any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email at or apply for 1-1 online coaching today!

Either way, thanks for reading, and hope you have a wonderful day!

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